The Avoda Company, established in 2022 by Kemuel and Zion Laudermilch, epitomizes the fusion of industry expertise with a mission-driven approach to serve their rural community. Kemuel, bringing over five years of trade experience and enhanced by his recent graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, is intent on contributing positively to community life. Zion’s practical experience from trade school and his tenure with a home building crew provides a robust foundation for their endeavors.

Both founders are united by a profound vision that integrates their professional goals with their deep-seated faith. They are committed to offering roofing services that are not only professional in execution but also rooted in the principles of their belief. Their faith informs their work ethic, instilling every project with values of honesty, diligence, and exemplary service.

The Laudermilchs’ aim is to reflect their faith through their business, offering their community not just roofing solutions, but a testament to faith-based service and the cultural enrichment of their local heritage.

Kemuel Laudermilch

Kemuel has worked in the roofing and construction industry for over five years and holds an undying commitment to quality work and exceptional customer service. Kemuel holds a bachelor's in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. Kemuel is also a CrossFit Coach and spends his spare moments pursuing various fitness goals.

Zion Laudermilch

Zion Graduated from Northern Tier Career Center in 2022, where he was a State finalist in Building and construction. He also has extensive experience building with Crain Custom Built Homes. Zion enjoys reading to his younger siblings and hanging out with his Christian community. This spring, he is training for an Elite Spartan race.

Rooted in Values

At The Avoda Company, our actions are anchored in deeply-held beliefs that resonate in every roofing nail we drive, and every shingle we lay.

Work as Work

We believe in the integrity of quality, honest work. When you choose us, you're selecting a team dedicated to giving you the best.

Work as Worship

Every task we undertake isn't just a job, but an act of worship to our Creator. Our commitment to excellence is a testament to the glory He is due.

Work as Service

Serving you isn't just a business strategy, it's a calling. Your satisfaction isn't just our goal; it's our mission.